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Having a well trained and obedient dog has many benefits. It means that your dog will be happier, less disruptive, and fit in better with you and your family’s lifestyle. A dog that hasn’t been well training can however cause a lot of problems. Behavioral problems such as barking, digging, jumping up, running away, biting, destroying furniture, peeing inside, and hyperactivity can all be avoided by proper training of your dog. 

Some training tips provided below may help you make more progress with your dog training:Use rewards such as toys and food treats to encourage good behavior.

  1. Praise your dog when it does what you want it to. Slowly but surely this will teach your dog what is good behavior and what is not accepted.
  2. Training for dog from a young age will make the training easier. Old dogs CAN be taught new tricks but it will require more time and persistence. If you teach your dog the basics of obedience training from a young age it will learn much faster than leaving the teaching till it is no longer a puppy.
  3. Physical punishment of dogs for unacceptable behavior is generally not an effective way to train dog’s. This often causes confusion for the dog and may make the situation worse. Often when dogs are physically punished they don’t understand why, or they associate the punishment with another event meaning that instead of teaching the dog how to behave well, you are only confusing it. A better way to teach your dog when it is not behaving well is to simple ignore the dog, or do things the dog doesn’t like such as standing still when the dog is on the leash, or simply ignoring him.
  4. Another thing to avoid is to be too strict with your dog. Being too strict or overly commanding is frustrating for your dog.
  5. Spend good quality time with your dog to get to know him/her. This will benefit your relationship with your dog as well as your communication. By enhancing the communication with your dog training will become a lot easier.  

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Recently Added Dog Training Articles

Boxer Dog Training
The boxer is a very popular breed of dog (6th most popular in the USA in 2008) that was first bred in Germany in 1895. It is stocky in build and gets its name from the fact that it often stands up on its two hind legs in a boxing position. As Boxers are intelligent dogs, boxer dog training is very important. Boxers are a popular as guard dog’s, some are used by police and army throughout the world. Boxer dog training requires you to be very patient, firm, and consistent. Boxers are incredible energetic and playful and require a lot of attention, this is one of the main reasons boxer dog training is so important. They are also known for playfully jumping up on strangers…Read more about Boxer Dog Training

Guard Dog Training
Having a dog guard to watch over your home and family can be very reassuring. Not all dogs make good guard dogs however; some dogs are better suited to being good guard dogs than others. Breeds such as German Shepherds, Doberman Pinschers, and Rottweiler’s are often used as guard dogs, many other breeds make adequate guard dogs as well. If you want to have a guard dog you will need to take your dog/puppy through some guard dog training…Read more about Guard Dog Training

Obedience Training for Dogs 
Having an obedient dog can not only save a lot of time and frustration, it can also bring a lot of love and compassion to the relationship between you and your dog – it’s for these reasons that obedience training for dogs is so important.
One of the major benefits which can be noticed through obedience training for dogs is an increase in communication and understanding between you and your dog. Communicating with your dog and understanding your dog’s body language are a couple of the keys to successful obedience training for dogs…Read more about Obedience Training for Dogs

House Training a Puppy
The two most common methods used by experienced trainers for house training a puppy are paper training and crate training. Paper training is when you train your dog to go to the toilet in the same place (on sheets of paper) each time it needs to go. Crate training is when you train your dog to only go to the toilet when it is outside. The basic process is based around the fact that dogs don’t like to go to the toilet where they sleep. When the dog is not being watched closely, it remains in a crate (cage)…Read more about House Training a Puppy

German Shepherd Dog Training
German Shepherds are large dogs that originated in Germany in 1899. German Shepherds are extremely intelligent dogs (this makes German Shepherd dog training much easier!) that were originally used for herding sheep. These days the strength, endurance and intelligence of German Shepherds has seen them end up being a big part of Search and Rescue operations, as well as being used in the Police and Military...Read more about German Shepherd Dog Training

Another one of the keys to successful dog training is that both you and your dog realize that you are the Alpha dog. If your dog misinterprets the situation and comes to believe that he/she is the leader of the household, it’s likely that behavioral problems will increase and your relationship with your dog will deteriorate. Being the Alpha dog in your household doesn’t mean you need to resort to harsh punishment or being overly strict. Three simple actions can show your dog that you are the leader and he is the follower: 

  • Eat your food first, your dog eats second. In the wild this is exactly what the lead dog does.
  • Give your dog attention when you want to, not when your dog wants it.  
  • Don’t let your dog sleep in your bed. Allowing your dog to sleep with you puts him/her on equal terms with you – give your dog their own bed.

Throughout this site you will find many articles about how to train your dog and how to properly care for your dog. We encourage you to read the articles and try to implement some of the tips and tricks mentioned. Remember, effective dog obedience training takes time and persistence. Even well trained dogs need reminding about how they should behave once in a while. 

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